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Model : Digi2016
Input : 16ch MIC/LINE
Output: LR + 10BUS
USB Play: have
Record: have
Bluetooth Play: have 
REC Record : L/R
Headphone Input: L/R
DSP: 400Mhz DSP
Sampling Frequently: 48K
Dynamic range: 115dB
S/N: -115dB
Input Noise: -90Bu
ADC Dynamic range: CS 5368 114dB
DAC Dynamic range: PCM1798 123dB
Pre Amplifier: TI OPA 1632
Max Input and Output Electronic Level: XLR 20dBu
Acquiesce Input and Output Electronic Level: 0dBu
Control Software: PC + ipad 
Language: English
Touch Display: 10inch, 1280mm*800mm
DCA: 8 DCA Group
Mute: 8 Mute Group
Ethernet: 1000M
WIFI: 150M 802.11 b/g/n
RS-232: have
USB Input Connector: 3
HDMI Input: One HDMI connect display
Power Votage: AC 100V-240V

Hot Line : 

0086 13922376429